ikejime hookook manifesto

Our Ikejime manifesto :  Hookook is much more than a brand

Ikejime Hookook Manifesto – the ethical commitments of the 100% ikejime brand

We are a group of anglers and fishing guides. We have practiced “no-kill” for a very long time, we systematically release endangered species, and like you, we promote catch and release. However, we are no less gourmets, this is our Hookook ikejime manifesto.

Sport fishing is a martial art, and Hookook is not only a brand, it is above all values. We want to democratize the Ikejime technique, so that it becomes the automatic reflex of any fisherman wishing to improve the quality of his fish and prevent him from suffering. We would like anglers to set an example of balanced and respectful predation, involving as little animal suffering as possible.

The question is whether we are hunter-gatherers, as our ancestors were, or brutes.

Hookook wishes to provide all anglers in the world with the tools and knowledge necessary to practice ikejime, reduce animal suffering, and obtain the best possible quality. Sport anglers are encountering more and more enemies. As everyone knows, our leisure is in danger. Through the stupidity of some, through the ignorance of others, new enemies appear every day.

To defend our hobby, we must show that we protect the environment, that we are aware of our actions, that we respect our catches, and that we value our fish to the fullest.

Hookook ikejime Manifesto : écology

A limited print

Our supplies:

Coming from permaculture, rubber trees are grown in Southeast Asia to produce the natural rubber from which bicycle inner tubes are made, among other things.

The tree is very fast growing, its wood is renewable, beautiful and solid. For industry needs
natural rubber, rubber trees are felled and replanted periodically.

Committed against deforestation, Hookook has chosen to favor wood from these recycling channels.

Carbon: all the trees that were used to make Hookook tools have been replanted.
No heavy chemicals: we have decided not to apply chemical varnish to our tools.
The wood is simply painted with tung oil.

It is up to the user to clean and maintain his tools, to oil them when necessary. For similar reasons, Ikejime needle floats are made of cork, a renewable and biodegradable resource.

manifeste ikejime Hookook, Les produits en bois d'Hookook sont fait en bois d'hévéa recyclé de l'industrie du caoutchouc naturel. Hookook refuse de faire abattre des arbres uniqement pour fabriquer ses outils. Hookook privilégie des bois de recyclage ou des bois d'élagage. Choisir Hookook c'est protéger les forêts.


100% plastic free

Hookook is committed to preserving the environment, and refuses to participate in plastic pollution. For this reason our packaging does not contain any plastic or varnish, they are made of compostable materials based on cardboard from recycling channels. Hookook is committed to ensuring that we will never be able to find a plastic bag bearing our brand in the wild.

manifeste ikejime Hookook - Les packaging Hookook sont minimalistes, et ne contiennent pas de plastique. Hookook en veut pas participer à la pollution par le plastique. Nous privilégions les emballages en carton recyclé et compostable.

Hookook ikejime manifesto- quality, durability

With you, for a long time

Fishing gears gets lost and pollutes… But not Hookook tools. Most of our tools are designed to float, we refuse to participate in the pollution of the oceans, if your tool falls into the sea, recover it.

You don’t lose hookook tools, you buy them once. Hookook tools are made from noble materials and we choose the most natural possible.

The alloy we use for our wire  comes from technologies
spatial. Thus our wire are amnesic, with shape memory. They never twist, stay straight and are designed to last indefinitely. You buy Hookook tools once, you don’t lose them, you keep them for life.

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The brand has chosen a modern and minimalist expression, which is intended to reflect its moral values.

No shine, no flash, no neon colors. Black, silver, metal gray, cork, oiled finishes, influenced by a Japanese Zen style, the brand aims to be elegant and sober.

aiguille ikejime câble shinkeijime- Outil utilisé par les poissonniers Japonais dans le cadre de la technique Ikejime pour détruire la moelle épinière du poisson, et amener la chair a son stade ultime de qualité. Ici une aiguille Hookook taille large, qui a la particularité de flotter ... les produits Hookook on ne les perds pas, et ils sont garantis longtemps.