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Register my hookook products- Extend warranty

Register my hookook products, extend the warranty to 5 years – enjoy exclusive advantages,

In order to provide you with the best possible experience, Hookook implements an extended warranty system.
We suggest that you register your Hookook products there, extend the warranty which will be extended by an additional 2 years, at no cost on your part.
This system allows us to have a better traceability of the products, and also to be able to contact you if necessary to inform you of the news or the novelties of the brand.

Reminder: Hookook has set up a hotline available 7 days a week, which you can reach here:

Our extended warranty terms are simple:

Register your ikejime hookook products,
Maintain them, clean them before and after each use, with soap and water, remember to maintain the wooden parts with oil (cooking) or wax, or even a mixture of the two. Indeed we do not use toxic products in the manufacture of our tools, it is for this reason that you must clean them carefully, dry them, oil them regularly and store them in a dry place, in a clean place. bacteria.
Hookook does not extend its warranties to dirty and unmaintained tools.
Inform us of any defects or problems so that our after-sales service can take care of them.

If you like ikejime and Hookook, help promote Hookook, the ikejime technique and receive gifts:

Customers who have registered all their products will be able to obtain renovation kits for their needles, free of charge (by paying only the shipping costs) in exchange for 10 photos relating to the ikejime. To participate it’s very simple, send us your photos, and share them on your social networks, so you can get repair kits for your ikejime hookook tools, and benefit from the improvements that we will bring to the products throughout the duration of the extended warranty.

The offer is reserved for Hookook customers in Europe and Asia, on the condition that they provide us with their photos, as well as the rights of use or image, the offer is limited to one repair kit per year and per product.

Photos can only be submitted once so duplicate photos will only be counted once. Only interesting photos will be counted, the subject can be the user, the tools, ikejime fish, or simply ikejime-related pornfood, the photos must show the brand, the logo, or the tools. They will be published on our social networks, or will serve as a sales or advertising medium.

For the maintenance of your ikejime products, for all that is to renovate them, or to repair them:

To order spare parts (available from spring 2023) follow this link:

Register my hookook products, extend warranty:

To register your products in our database, enter the fields below indicating the serial number specified on your packaging (one number per product).

enregistrer mes produits hookook- Quand on enregistre ses produits sur le site Hookook, la garantie passe alors à cinq ans. Pendant toute la durée de la garantie, un client peut échanger des photos contre des kits de réparation/ modernisation de ses produits Hookook. crédit photo Gavagnimirco