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Ikejime gear - Hookook's manifesto

Ikejime gear – choose Hookook…..or release

Hookook is an ecological and ethical brand, combining respect for fish, the fight against animal suffering, defense of the environment, and gastronomy. Specialist in ikejime, Hookook accompanies the fisherman and intervenes between the capture and the plate, by providing all the theoretical and technical solutions to limit animal suffering, and bring the quality of your catches to the ultimate level.

Hookook’s mission is to democratize the ikejime technique, to produce training, to provide all the necessary equipment for the sport fisherman, as well as for the professional fishmonger, to develop good products that are useful, beautiful and good for the environment. Hookook wishes to provide its customers with the longest and broadest guarantees on the market. Hookook also wants to provide its customers with something to repair their ikejime equipment if necessary.
To do this, Hookook offers to register your products on this site, in order to extend your warranty.

Ikejime allows you to sublimate your fish, to prevent them from suffering, Hookook reveals the secrets to you, opens the doors to high Japanese gastronomy.

Hookook is committed to protecting the environment, especially against ocean plastic pollution. Our brand bans all plastic packaging, and only uses ecological and compostable packaging. Hookook promotes a durable quality of well thought out tools, intended to be used often on boats they are designed floating, repairable and guaranteed for a long time.

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Ikejime gear- how to practice ikejime correctly?

The practice of Ikejime is part of an ethical approach. Done well, it avoids unnecessary suffering for the fish and offers a flesh that you will never have tasted before.

kit ikejime Hookook tegaki + aiguille shinkeijime taille M.

Enhance your fish in the kitchen.

Learn how to mature the flesh of your fish, and you will benefit from the incredible taste quality offered by the Ikejime method in all your tastings.

Our products

The Hookook product range allows complete mastery of the Ikejime method. Our quality products will follow you for many seasons on and at the water’s edge.

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