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Hookook ikejime shinkeijime tools

Hookook’s range of ikejime shinkeijime tools have been designed for use on boats. As a result we have created a large selection of floating tools like our traditional tegaki, or our floating wire shinkeijime too. Hookook doesn’t want you to lose your gear. Indeed the brand is committed to an environmental approach, and we do not want your favorite tools to end up at the bottom of the sea.

Our range of ikejime tools includes shinkeijime wires of all sizes allowing both beginners and experts a perfect job, our different wire sizes will fit the vast majority of saltwater or freshwater fish from all parts of the world. Earth.

To fight against the proliferation of waste, our packaging is made from recycled cardboard, rest assured that it does not contain any plastics.

Hookook favors noble materials such as cork, stainless steel, simply oiled natural wood, or our special titanium alloys.
Hookook tools do not get lost, they are repairable, and are guaranteed for a long time.

For our woods we use fast-growing renewable woods from recycling channels, and also from pruning channels. Hookook does not cut down trees for its production, however we recycle trees uprooted by storms or other natural hazards.
Thus our wood comes from the recycling of natural rubber rubber trees, or simply from the collection of pruned branches.

Hookook offers traditional or modern ikejime tools with neat designs. Our tools are handmade by happy, well-treated humans.

Hookook also provides anyone who wants it with theoretical training in the practice of ikejime.


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outil ikejime shinkeijime Hookook tegaki traditionnel Hookook utilisé dans technique ikejime par les poissonniers Japonais pour abattre le poisson en lui évitant de souffrir.

Hookook ikejime shinkeijime tool - Our products

A complete range for all situations

Hookook ikejime shinkeijime tool- Tegaki

Tegaki is a traditional Japanese tool used for several centuries, its shape is designed to kill a fish without suffering as quickly as possible.

The progressiveness of its tip allows it to quickly penetrate the skull of fish, destroy the brain and extinguish consciousness, while reducing the risk of injury to the operator. It is the most rapid, ancestral, and effective euthanasia solution that exists.

outil ikejime shinkeijime Hookook détail d'un tegaki traditionnel e la marque Hookook. Comme ils sont souvent utilisés sur des bateaux, Hookook les a rendu flottants, pour pas que les utilisateurs les perdent.
aiguille ikejime câble shinkeijime- Taille M, 1.2 mm de diamètre, aiguille flottante Hookook, destinée à être utilisé sur des bateaux, les produits ikejime Hookook sont flottant pour vous éviter de les perdre ....

Hookook ikejime shinkeijime tool- Wires

The ikejime wires, for the sinkeijime  technique are intended for the destruction of the spinal cord of fish.

Made of a non-deformable alloy, and equipped with a rounded tip, they are used inside the spine to paralyze the nervous system. Their particular design allows them to stay in the spine, without coming out, and therefore without damaging the flesh of the fish. They don’t twist, are buoyant and last a lifetime.