ikejime tool : wire shinkeijime

ikejime tool : wire shinkeijime to destroy the spinal cord.

Ikejime tool : wire shinkeijime, the essential tool for practicing Ikejime by destroying the nerves

The ikejime wire tool, or shinkeijime wire allows us to disentangle the fish.

It is therefore the famous destruction of the spinal cord which in a way is the keystone of the ikejime technique.

After turning off the fish’s consciousness using a tegaki:


It is advisable to use a shinkeijime wire which will be introduced through the head or through the tail into the spinal cord in order to destroy it.
This destruction will shut down the fish’s nervous system and slow down its putrefaction, following steps that we have detailed here:


Hookook shinkeijime wire are designed to be kink-free and easily find their way through the spinal cord. Their particular head is designed not to pierce the flesh, also to get stuck at the bottom of the marrow so that the user perceives that he has destroyed the entire spinal cord. Thus we are sure to have carried out the operation correctly.

Hookook ikejime wire, for the shinkeijime technique are only intended for the destruction of the spinal cord of fish that have been previously slaughtered using a tegaki. Made of a non-deformable alloy, and equipped with a rounded tip, they are used inside the spine to paralyze the nervous system. Their particular design allows them to stay in the spine, without coming out, and therefore without damaging the flesh of the fish.

Ikejime tools: Hookook shinkeijime wire  are floating!

To save you from losing them, Hookook has created floating ikejime tools, especially all of our shinkeijime wire. So if they fall in the water they remain visible on the surface thanks to their float. They do not twist, are buoyant and can last a lifetime. You can extend their warranty by registering your products on the site.


aiguille ikejime câble shinkeijime- Outil utilisé par les poissonniers Japonais dans le cadre de la technique Ikejime pour détruire la moelle épinière du poisson, et amener la chair a son stade ultime de qualité. Ici une aiguille Hookook taille large, qui a la particularité de flotter ... les produits Hookook on ne les perds pas, et ils sont garantis longtemps.
aiguille ikejime câble shinkeijime- Taille M, 1.2 mm de diamètre, aiguille flottante Hookook, destinée à être utilisé sur des bateaux, les produits ikejime Hookook sont flottant pour vous éviter de les perdre ....
  • Amnesic ikijime wire, anti-twist, shape memory, stays straight, does not twist.
  • Allows quick work for anglers, fishmongers, sushi masters.
  • Tool guaranteed floating, durable and repairable, packaging without
    plastic, recyclable or compostable.
  • Instructions in English, download the free e-book: “hookook guide to good ikijime practices”. Access to free training by scanning QR code on packaging
  •  three-year warranty,  expend your warrenty by two years for free,  satisfied refunded or exchange.
  • Free hotline 7 days a week for any question. 
aiguille ikejime câble shinkeijime- Aiguille taille XL Hookook, floattante. Destinée à la pratique shinkeijime elle se destine a de très gros poissons.

4 sizes available